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2020 | 4 minutes | experimental lgbt drama


damian is a love story; on the surface level between two men but on another level between one transgender man and all aspects of himself. the film follows Damian who falls for a man he meets at a party with the cycle of this burgeoning relationship coinciding with his menstrual cycle. just as love is as natural as eating food, so is the menstrual cycle, and this film depicts Damian’s navigation of these aspects of his life. 

made in partnership with the smalls and funded by the barbican centre.

read natasha's interview with the barbican centre about her inside out short.

written & directed by natasha mwansa

produced samara addai

cinematography by jerry pradon

edited by jordan evagora-campbell

1st camera assistant chelsea bernard

gaffer joe nkadi

colour grade by fernanda liberti


starring kamari roméo & alex j.taylor

supporting cast: maria kolandawel, noma moyo, jordan joseph, assia sabi, and adam robertson 


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