a surreal journey to the throne

Established during Samara and Amanda's time at film school, To The Throne Pictures is a film collective shooting narrative films, music videos and branded content. Focused on narratives about women, LGBTQIA+, and Black/people of colour stories. 

Starting out in grime music videos, Samara developed a body of work in the industry. She moved into filming events championing positive social impact and activism.


In between these exciting gigs, Samara writes and performs spoken word poetry - discussing moments of delight in friendship and sisterhood.


Inspired by the likes of Sophia Coppola, David Lynch, and Park Chan-Wook. Amanda has a penchant for writing complex female characters with undertones of queerness in genre-blending worlds.


She has directed her writing in short films Raw & Limbo, channeling slow cinema. She is currently working on future scripts and is in post-production on two short films.